Caffia 12oz Recyclable Paper Cups Double Wall (x 500)

With the Caffia branding forming a simple yet stunning red/white design on this top quality double wall recyclable paper cups 12oz (300ml) drinks cup you have a robust product with excellent thermal properties. FULLY RECYCLABLE – What makes them even better is that on the sustainability front, the board used to make them has a special certified lining so they can be recycled along with other paper/card products through normal channels – a big PLUS


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These Caffia double wall recyclable paper cups are composed of 2 layers of board providing excellent thermal properties, to both keep the drink hot and your hand cool. Using 12oz/300ml size paper cups of this quality means you can serve a good sized drink that exudes good value – the 12 oz size is the most popular size in the catering coffee business. Added to all this is the advantage of knowing that the paper cup  need not end up in landfll and indeed can be put into the blue wheeliebin.

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