La Marzocco Linea Classic Coffee Machine

The clean lines of the Linea Classic espresso machine make it a highly desirable La Marzocco coffee machine that is found in many of the coffee shops and restaurants across the hospitality business from hotels to motorway services!

The Linea is made in Italy to embody the spirit of reserved, reliable, and consistent, and can be trusted to be a dependable partner in any catering and foodservice business.



This professional coffee machine can truly be said to have helped to forge the modern world of speciality coffee over the last 30 years. The La Marzocco Linea Classic S espresso machine can be equipped with a water sensor that measures the hardness (limescale) of feed water as it enters boilers to ensure descaling can be performed in good time.

New features provide easier espresso brewing using industry-leading accurate brewing water temperatures and excellent thermal stability. These features also add to reliability of a machine which has already set the standard across several well-known branded coffee shop chains. Watch a full tutorial video on this professional coffee machine below:

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