La Marzocco Leva Espresso Coffee Machine

This La Marzocco coffee machine is a remarkably good investment for those that really care about coffee!

A Leva espresso machine re-invents the iconic lever espresso coffee machine design with more ergonomic features to make it both eye catching and easy to use by baristas.

With eye-catching design and low profile to invite engagement with your customers; this is a real centrepiece for any coffee shop that encourages barista experimentation with new and daring speciality coffees.



Delivering arguably the world’s best coffee extraction, this La Marzocco coffee machine brings with it a heritage of system expertise so baristas can set pre-infusion pressure, espresso shot volume, and extraction pressure on each group head separately.

We encourage you to consider having several digital grind-on-demand coffee bean grinders so that customers can be offered several coffee taste profiles, after all, if you went to a restaurant and there was only one wine on the wine list you wouldn’t be happy would you!?

Only with this level of precise control and separate boilers optimise espresso coffee brewing and steam production can you truly explore the fruity depths and riches of something like a pure single origin Arabica Papua New Guinea or Costa Rican coffee! See how to do this on the video below:

Temperature stability is vital as well as temperature control. With the Leva coffee machine, the PID temperature control makes this possible and consistent

LCD displays show real time extraction pressure, on the coffee grounds, in the portafilter, the pre-infusion, and extraction while also using an economiser to fine tune the hot water outlet for an americano or for teas of different types.

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