CoffeeTek Vitro X1 Coffee Machine


Popular in offices and car showrooms, the CoffeeTek Vitro X1 coffee machine from Azkoyen Group is a commercial bean-to-cup coffee machine.

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Utilising fresh coffee beans and powdered hot chocolate and milk to create a wide menu of drinks like cappuccino, delicious hot chocolate, espresso, and americano straight from the beans!

Elegant and chic, this coffee machine provides clients peace of mind with a consistent high standard coffee at the touch of the screen. There is even a touchless coffee machine option whereby you do not pick up any infections!

Easy to use, clean, and maintain, please get in touch with us for a quote for office coffee machines or fresh coffees and vending ingredients today.

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Equipment Type

Bean-to-Cup Machines

Cup rate


Milk Type

Granulated Milk

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