Cafiza Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder 900g

Cafiza Group Head Cleaning Powder gives a quick and efficient back-flushing of a group head on your traditional espresso machine; it is vital to perform this regularly to keep the area free of coffee oils build-up and to improve the coffee taste and this product is also ideal for shifting tannin stains on cutlery or crockery! See an Urnex video of how to use here.


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Caution: Use Cafiza group head cleaning powder with moderation to avoid a blocked exhaust valve. Brush the loose coffee off the shower head area, use a level teaspoon of Cafiza into the group handle with a stainless steel blanking disc. Put the handle in the machine and press the espresso button, leave running for about 30 seconds then press again to release pressure.

Repeat this several times and be sure to repeat the back-flush with clean water.

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