Caffia Select Blend Freeze Dried Coffee 10x300g

Select Blend Freeze-Dried Instant Coffee is a slightly stronger and richer-roast instant coffee which includes coffee from both Colombia and Brazil for use in soluble ingredients dispensers, instant coffee machines and coffee vending machines.

Both Brazil and Colombia are huge producers of washed Arabica coffee beans from the unique topography and climate that they have near the equator. Coffee is carefully grown and harvested on countless mountain slopes and inland plateaus to begin its long journey to your cup via shipping, roasting and processing with freeze-drying to best capture the fresh flavour in a soluble instant coffee for coffee machines format.

Our Select Blend coffee is a lower cost and excellent value alternative to the Pure Colombian coffee which also cuts through the milk well in a caffe latte or cappuccino drink; buy it online here today.


About The Product

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