Caffia Pure Colombian FNC Freeze Dried Coffee 10x300g

Our Pure Colombian Instant Coffee is the highest quality 100% Colombian coffee in freeze-dried instant form for use in instant coffee machines and coffee vending machines offering a smooth and mellow classic taste for offices and catering alike. Colombia is a huge grower of quality washed Arabica coffees and is fortunate to have topography, 2 growing regions and a climate that is near the equator.

Coffee here is carefully grown and harvested on mountain slopes and inland plateaus – as it has been for several centuries – to begin its long journey to your cup via shipping, roasting and processing with freeze-drying – often in the FNC freeze-drying coffee plant in Colombia itself which you can see on the lower right on this page – to best capture the world-famous nutty and mild flavour in a soluble instant coffee for coffee machines.


About The Product

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