Caffia Espresso Fino Beans 6x1kg

A mild and sweet but complex and subtle espresso coffee beans blend based on sun-dried Ethiopian Mochas and smooth, creamy Indian plantation coffees – a 100% Arabica coffee blend which is ideal for fine dining and giving the lighter-roasted tones so beloved of today’s top-end coffee shops.

Delivering the ‘velvet swallow’ espresso with a 100% Arabica coffee taste profile to match your aspirations takes a good deal of skill and experience and a carefully crafted range of coffees, barista confidence through training and coffee machines that are in good condition – you can rely on us for all three.


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Caffia espresso coffee beans reflect our years of experience and mastery of complex blends and roasts ensuring you the perfect taste every time - whether as espresso or americano, flat white, caffe latte or cappuccino. Our espresso beans are packed in 6 x 1kg quality freshness valve packs with one-way valve to allow CO2 gas out but no oxygen to get in to spoil the coffee.

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