Bravilor Esprecious Coffee Machine

The Bravilor Esprecious is a robust bean-to-cup coffee machine available as a 22, 21, 12, or 11 model to donate the ingredients that are available apart from the fresh coffee beans. On offer are espresso, caffe latte, cappuccino, doppio, americano, and delicious hot chocolate.


The Esprecious is generally a powder milk coffee machine using high grade 100% pure skimmed milk granules and hot chocolate mix powder along with coffee beans. There is also a fresh milk version available please enquire. Suitable for sites serving upto 200 cups per day.

An interactive touchscreen is eye-catching and easy to use with customisable full colour branding that conveys your brand or a seasonal offer like ‘Christmas Hot Chocolate for example. The LED lighting around the display can be set to any RGB colour, ensuring that the Bravilor Esprecious suits any office, shop, hotel, or restaurant.

  • Excellent self service coffee machine that is easy to use.
  • Made in Holland from durable components.
  • ECO energy-saving mode available.
  • Adjustable outlet for various cup sizes including 12oz/300ml
  • Separate hot water outlet for tea brewing water or top-up.
  • Full indicators for the waste bin and drip-tray.
  • Day and total counters exportable to Excel
  • Compatible with coin mechanisms for self-pay

Additional information

Equipment Type

Bean-to-Cup Machines

Cup rate


Milk Type

Granulated Milk

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