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Cafes, hotels, showrooms and offices that invest in robust industrial coffee machines can save time while delivering high-quality fresh coffee drinks with consistency.

Caffia Coffee Group offers a comprehensive range of commercial coffee machines from well-known coffee brands. Our collection includes bean to cup coffee machines, industrial espresso machines, filter coffee machines, and more.

Choose Caffia for high-quality industrial coffee machines in the UK that satisfy both your palate and your pocket.

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Trusted Industrial Coffee Machine Brands

Caffia has partnered with the top brands in the coffee-making industry to offer the best industrial coffee machines on the market for every budget.

Some of the commercial coffee machine brands we offer include Gaggia, Esprezzi, Crem, Franke, Synchro, and Jura.

With these major coffee brands and Caffia's coffee expertise, finding the best commercial coffee machine for your business is easier than ever before. Get in touch with our team for more information or advice about our industrial coffee installations.

Our Industrial Coffee Machines & Coffee Equipment

The coffee-making needs of different types of businesses will vary. For example, restaurants, coffee shops and cafes may need a traditional espresso machine with industrial capacity. On the other hand, offices, retail outlets and showrooms, and hospitality establishments could be better off with bean to cup machines or bulk brew coffee machines.

No matter what your application is, you can find the perfect industrial coffee machine for sale or lease in our selection. This is what you can find in our commercial coffee machine collection:

Industrial Traditional Espresso Machines

The traditional espresso machine is a great choice if you want to produce high-quality coffee.

Whether you want to make bold espressos, velvety cappuccinos or classic americanos, you will find an industrial espresso machine for sale in our collection that is perfect for your applications.

This coffee shop and restaurant-grade coffee machine will require a barista to operate it and take control of every step of the coffee-making process. We include full installation and barista training with all of our commercial espresso machines.

Industrial Bean to Cup Coffee Machines

An industrial bean to cup coffee machine is perfect if you're looking for speed and convenience.

From the grinding of the coffee beans to the creation of foam from either fresh milk or powdered milk, the entire process of a bean to cup machine is automated. So you can get a bespoke drink at the touch of a button. Bean to cup machines can offer a wide variety of hot drinks as well, with some even having compartments for hot chocolate.

Thanks to its automation, a bean to cup coffee machine is ideal for fast-paced environments or companies with limited staff capacity. On top of that, these professional coffee machines often require minimal maintenance, with some featuring self-cleaning functions — so closing time is sure to be a breeze!

Industrial Bulk Brew Filter Coffee Machines

When it comes to commercial coffee makers that can cater for large crowds, bulk brew machines are the way to go.

A commercial bulk brew coffee machine is ideal for handling the demands of a high-volume environment. It can prepare large batches of between 6 to 40 litres of filter coffee. So if you are looking for an industrial coffee machine for offices with large staff complements, or for catering and conference venues or university halls, these commercial coffee machines are the reliable choice.

Our bulk brew commercial coffee machines require very little expertise to use, as it works similarly to a filter coffee maker, heating the water to the perfect temperature and pouring it over the coffee grounds to ensure consistently good coffee with a full-bodied flavour.

Industrial Coffee Grinders

If you don't have a bean to cup coffee machine, you may want to supplement your coffee machine for industrial use with an on-demand grinder so that you can make and serve aromatic and fresh coffee.

Grinding coffee beans in-house creates a fresher end result. Additionally, a well-crafted industrial coffee grinder can enhance the quality of the coffee experience you offer by producing a consistently uniform grind.

If you need advice on what type of coffee grinder will be best for your needs, chat with our team.

Commercial Hot Water Boilers

Having access to a powerful pressure boiler designed to produce large quantities of hot water is ideal for a busy environment, and it allows you to serve everything from instant coffee and hot chocolate to a selection of teas.

Browse our range to find boilers with features like live LED temperature readings, energy-efficient water tanks, spacious drip tray clearance, and various levels of output. With the right industrial water boiler, you can serve up to 156 cups per hour!

Have you spotted your industrial cappuccino machine or coffee maker for industrial applications? Get in touch for a free, no-obligation quote or to find out more about our commercial coffee machine lease plans.


If you need help deciding on the right industrial coffee maker for your office or business, we will be more than happy to assist. View some of the tips outlined below based on commonly asked questions about choosing commercial coffee machines or contact our team for advice from a coffee expert.

What should I look at before I buy an industrial coffee machine?

Finding the perfect coffee machine for your unique applications can be challenging. It helps to know which features to look for in the models we offer when making your choice:

  • Capacity and volume: The larger a business or cafe is, the larger the output required from your commercial coffee machine will be. Many brands provide a rough daily estimate of how many cups of coffee their machine can make, so this can be a good guide.
  • Ease of use: Consider who will be operating the coffee machine on a daily basis. Will you have the staff capacity to assign a dedicated barista? Or perhaps you simply need a self-service bean to cup coffee machine that allows a DIY approach. Whichever option you choose, we include free installation and staff and barista training to ensure you can utilise your new commercial coffee machine to its full potential.
  • Maintenance: Professional coffee machines for espresso-making will require a hands-on approach to cleaning and maintenance. Our bean to cup machines, on the other hand, are a good choice if you're looking for a low-maintenance offering. Enquire about our professional cleaning accessories and maintenance and servicing packages.
  • Plumbed or non-plumbed: Do you want a machine that is hooked up directly to your plumbing, or are you happy with a tank-fill version? We also have commercial coffee machines that can work with fresh milk instead of powdered milk.
  • Add-ons: What extra features or functionalities are you looking for from your commercial coffee machine? For example, do you want an industrial coffee machine with a grinder, touch screen, app accompaniment, or steam wand? These criteria should guide you in choosing from our selection of commercial coffee machines.

How do I choose the best coffee machine for me?

To ensure you select the best industrial espresso machine or industrial coffee brewer for your unique needs, there are certain things you need to consider:

  • The amount of counter space you have should also be a factor. This will determine what dimensions to look for in a new coffee machine so that it fits and doesn't encroach on other areas. We also have small industrial coffee machines for companies with limited space.
  • Do you have a set budget? A good-quality professional coffee machine is not an inexpensive investment. However, we do have a commercial coffee machine lease plan that can help you spread the cost over a set time period so that you can still have your perfect coffee machine without delay. Consider a filter coffee machine if you are looking for a more cost-effective option.
  • Different commercial coffee machines produce different types of coffee. If you know the type of coffee your staff or customers would prefer, this can assist you in choosing the right machine. For example, if you're looking for an industrial cappuccino maker to wow your guests with luxurious and creamy frothed beverages, an industrial automatic coffee machine will be able to do this and more. For those who like something strong and simple to kick-start the day, bulk brew machines are the way to go. And for the coffee connoisseurs, nothing beats a traditional espresso machine.

Got more questions? Whether you're looking for industrial coffee machines in Scotland, England, or elsewhere, we can help you — Contact Caffia for free expert advice!

Caffia: Industrial & Commercial Coffee Machines Made Easy

Caffia's range of industrial coffee equipment allows you to choose whether you want to make instant coffee in a low-maintenance device or focus on honing your coffee-making process the traditional way.

On top of our extensive range of commercial coffee machines, we also stock coffee beans, ground coffee, coffee machine parts and accessories, and more. We source our coffee beans ethically and expertly roast them in the UK.

So whether you're after bean to cup coffee machines, traditional espresso machines, filter coffee machines, or industrial office coffee machines, we can provide you with both the machine and the necessary coffee supplies.

Experience coffee the way it's meant to be with Caffia's decades of coffee industry expertise. Request a free sample for a taste of our high-quality coffee.

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We have two showrooms in Scotland and England, but we can supply and install our industrial coffee machines from Aberdeen to London.

At our cutting-edge showrooms, you get a live demo of our industrial coffee machines, get inspiration for your professional coffee machine setup, and consult with experts to find the right commercial coffee machine for your business, cafe, or coffee shop.

Our coffee experts can also visit you to help guide you in choosing the best coffee machine to streamline your operations or increase coffee sales.

Take the first step to great coffee with Caffia — Purchase from our comprehensive range of industrial coffee machines UK business, or opt for an industrial coffee machine rental (lease to buy).

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