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Franke Coffee Machines

Franke excels in crafting premium quality coffee products with cutting-edge technology.

As commercial coffee machine suppliers, we stock an industry-leading range of Franke coffee machines that includes the A300, A400, A600 and A800 bean-to-cup coffee machines.

These industrial coffee machines can produce 150 to 250 cups per day, including a wide array of beverages made from coffee beans and fresh milk, such as automatic espressos, cappuccinos, flat whites, lattes, and americanos. Featuring an integral milk foamer cleaner option, Franke coffee systems are easy to clean and reliable to operate.

Looking for a self-service commercial coffee machine for sale that will last, look good, and produce great coffee at the touch of a button? Order a Franke coffee machine for sale or lease from Caffia or request a quote.

Franke: Swiss Made Excellence

Franke coffee systems are known for their technological innovation and premium quality that is backed by meticulous Swiss craftsmanship. From the Franke A600 to A1000, you can expect reliable performance, great coffee and sleek designs from any Franke coffee maker in our range.

Franke coffee systems are built on modularity, which enables you to configure the integrated options and valuable add-ons. Modular flexibility allows you to optimise your offerings to accommodate every demand.

With Caffia, you’ll be crafting the perfect cup time and time again. Have a question regarding Franke coffee systems? Contact us today.

Our Range of Franke Commercial Coffee Machines

Experience the excellent quality of Franke’s Swiss-made coffee systems that consistently deliver delicious hot drinks. Our self-service, fully automatic machines from Franke ensure that you can effortlessly meet your coffee demands.

Whether for hotels, cafés, restaurants or offices, a Franke machine is the ideal product to elevate your daily coffee experience. You can find the following in our selection of Franke coffee systems:

High Daily Outputs

You can find a bean to cup coffee machine in our Franke selection that is built to handle a daily output capacity of up to 250 coffees. Some of the machines boast impressive features like integrated chocolate hoppers and twin grinders to help you expand your coffee offerings.

Whether used to produce lattes and cappuccinos for cafes or to provide hot drinks in the beverage station of a large office, these commercial bean to cup machines allow you to deliver the volume and variety you need.

Innovative Technology

Franke is at the forefront of coffee technology. With their FoamMaster™ milk system, you can serve drinks with both hot and cold milk. The individually adjustable consistency gives you the flexibility to craft milk-based beverages with the precise foam consistency you’re after. And the enhanced milk foaming capabilities ensure that drinks can be adorned with either fluffy and light or decadent milk foam.

Some Franke coffee makers within our selection feature IndividualMilk Technology, allowing the choice of two types of milk from a single machine. This enables you to cater to a wide range of milk preferences, from lactose-free and vegan to nut milk varieties.

For those seeking precise control over steaming, the AutoSteam Pro separate steam arm available on some of our Franke machines delivers just that. An Autosteam steam spout is your ticket to automatic milk foaming and perfectly textured milk foam for all your speciality coffee creations.

Some Franke coffee systems also offer separate powder dosing systems for chocolate or milk powder, along with an automatic dosing station for up to six flavours!

Low Maintenance

Owning a commercial bean to cup coffee machine from Franke means you’re investing in not only excellent coffee, but also convenient maintenance.

The CleanMaster milk cleaning system included with some of our Franke machines takes the hassle out of upkeep and intricate cleaning routines. With the CleanMaster integrated cleaning system, you can effortlessly maintain the quality of your machine while focusing on what truly matters – serving exceptional coffee.

Easy to Use

With our Franke range, we ensure that your coffee experience is tantalising, as well as user-friendly. Franke coffee machines feature an intuitive touchscreen interface. These fully automatic coffee vending machines allow you to craft barista-quality beverages with just a few taps.

With Franke’s intuitive touchscreen display, you’ll serve perfection without complexity, ensuring that every cup is as easy to make as it is delightful to enjoy.

Serving customers or staff a delicious coffee experience has never been easier than with Caffia. Get a quote on our Franke coffee equipment today.

Lease-to-Buy Coffee Machine Deals

Want to curtail the initial costs of a commercial coffee maker?

At Caffia, we work closely with top finance companies to provide lease deals at competitive rates. Our lease-to-buy option allows you to spread the expense of a Franke commercial coffee machine over a 36-month period.

Experience innovation and versatility like never before with Franke. Buy or lease a Franke bean to cup coffee machine today. Contact us to find out more about our lease-to-buy options.

Caffia Coffee Group: Top-Notch Commercial Coffee Machines

Caffia is a trusted commercial coffee machine supplier with over 20 years of experience in the coffee industry. Our industrial coffee machine selection includes espresso machines, bean-to-cup coffee machines, and bulk-brew coffee makers. We stock all the major brands in coffee, including Franke, Jura, Crem, Necta, and more.

We supply professional coffee makers and over eight types of wholesale coffee beans to all kinds of businesses, from restaurants to offices. Our offerings also extend to auxiliary coffee solutions, such as machine cleaning products, UHT milk pots, sugar sachets, and disposable cups.

Stay updated on the latest news in the coffee world by subscribing to our newsletter. For a no-obligation quote on a bean to cup coffee machine or commercial espresso machine and free expert advice, feel free to get in touch with us.

Free Installation & Training

We are committed to helping your business flourish. That’s why we offer extensive resources and exceptional customer support alongside our commercial coffee equipment.

When you buy a professional coffee machine from our selection, whether a Franke automatic coffee machine or any other coffee machine, you receive a comprehensive package. This includes free installation, operational and maintenance training, as well as a supply of coffee beans.

Our dual-hopper bean-to-cup coffee machine selection even comes with decaffeinated coffee and hot chocolate, enabling you to diversify your hot beverage offerings as soon as your machine is installed.

Visit our Showrooms in Falkirk and London

To explore our exceptional selection of premium-quality espresso and bean-to-cup machines firsthand, stop by our commercial coffee machine showrooms in London or Falkirk.

If you can’t make it to our showrooms, we can also schedule professional coffee machine demonstrations or coffee tastings on-site at your business.

Pop into our coffee machine showrooms in Scotland and England or book a WhatsApp video demo to witness the exceptional Swiss craftsmanship that goes into Franke coffee machines.

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