Everyone has less and less time these days and a one touch coffee machine like the Franke A300 or Jura Giga X8 Generation 2 can be perfect for getting a caffeine fix from your favourite espresso, cappuccino or caffe latte in an easy one touch action, the only issue is the sheer amount of choice of models and formats available!

You can see the smart Jura Giga X3 coffee machine on this link, this is a prime example of a modern coffee vending machine with easy drink selection. Manufacturers are reacting to this trend for ease of use with a raft of new models of one touch coffee machine that have TFT touch screens instead of the more traditional buttons for quick and easy use in self-service mode by more discerning coffee drinkers than their parents could have dreamt of!

Leading brands like Franke, Jura and WMF are also launching some clever apps for use on smartphones which allow you to make a bespoke personalised drink via blue tooth without any programming changes thus meaning the one touch action is done on your phone’s screen to operate the bean to cup coffee machine.

Below: The mighty Franke A1000 FoamMaster is a Swiss made heavy-duty bean to cup coffee machine with fresh milk and hot chocolate that can have customisable screen for images, video and sound!

One Touch Coffee Machine

More and more workplaces and offices are reckoning that the investment in a bean to cup coffee machine with fresh milk is well worth it to keep staff morale up and that the cost and convenience do make sense in today’s fast-paced world of business. It is striking how much demand there is for a automatic bean to cup one touch coffee machine with fresh milk or powder milk and a hot chocolate powder canister and whipper bowl for a delicious hot chocolate or mocha in the workplace.

A one touch coffee machine with a selection screen are customisable for displaying your own branding or promotion message – for example, you could showcase winter tyres images and office for cars in a Porsche, Land Rover or Nissan dealership during the autumn or winter seasons.

One Touch Coffee Machine

While we’d generally suggest that coffee machines with fresh milk offer the best quality drinks for you but there are also a range of modern and effective bean to cup coffee machines with powdered milk that work very well for offices and showrooms – these include the Bravilor Esprecious and Necta Krea Touch coffee machine for example.

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