We supply a range of coffee machine types for workplaces; please call us on 01324 617618 or call in to our central London office coffee machine showroom. It is not easy to choose the correct coffee machine with the number of options and the considerable cost so it is  important to have an understanding of the types, performance and workings of the coffee machines currently on the market.

Can the coffee machine be leased or purchased outright? Are you tied in to a contract for supply of coffee? What about water filter changes? We offer the full range of coffee machines for offices from a filter coffee brewer to a heavy-duty bean-to-cup coffee machine but we also offer beneficial advice and guidance.

Filter Coffee Brewers

This type of office coffee machine works by percolating hot water over fresh ground coffee of the correct mixture of grinds (finer than cafetiere, coarser than espresso grind) which normally passes through a filter paper into either a glass jug or a thermos flask.

Office Coffee Machine   Office Coffee Machine

The resulting brew of filter coffee is pleasant and thin on ‘body’ (‘thickness’ if you will) due to the fineness of the filter paper; it is aromatic and very drinkable, filter coffee is ideal for meetings, hotel breakfast coffee and conferencing. Filter coffee, prepared in batches, is the fastest form of coffee to serve – simply pour it and enjoy!

We are delighted to see filter coffee’s popularity make a well-deserved comeback in recent years. Commercial filter coffee machines or ‘brewers’ or ‘pour-overs’ start at the rugged Caffia CX-2 machine with 2 glass jugs and go up to the monster Bravilor B40 with twin 40 litre urns; these latter are known as bulk-brewers – for obvious reasons.

Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machines

These are basically automatic robotic coffee machines producing a full range of office coffees at the touch of a button. With a bean-to-cup office coffee machine you have either fresh milk or powdered milk integrated into the machine as well as espresso coffee beans and possible hot chocolate powder. From this combination these machines produce a full range of drinks at the touch of a button like espresso, americano (a diluted espresso), caffe latte, cappuccino and in some cases flat white, mocha (includes chocolate as well as coffee and milk) and espresso macchiato.

Office Coffee Machine        Office Coffee Machine          Bean To Cup Coffee Machines with Fresh Milk

The automation in bean-to-cup machines is very useful in offering a consistent results and with low skill on behalf of your staff or in an the office or self-service situation; you can see a Franke A800 heavy duty bean to cup coffee machine. A bean-to-cup using fresh milk does produce a better quality flat white, caffe latte or cappuccino at the touch of a button and in some cases hot chocolate made with fresh milk as well. The latest generation off this type of office coffee machine like the Jura Giga X3 and Giga X8 are much easier to clean in recent years

There are situations where a bean to cup with powder milk and often with hot chocolate powder as well offers a neat ‘vending’ type option that is ideal for offices or showrooms – like the Necta Koro Max Prime bean to cup office coffee machine or Necta Krea Touch coffee machine for example:

Office Coffee Machine      Office Coffee Machine

It should be noted that in recent years powdered skimmed milk for touch button bean to cup machines has hugely improved, it is often 100% pure skimmed milk in agglomerated form and therefore much better quality and taste. On the other hand, the myth that powder milk bean to cups are a lot easier to clean than fresh milk bean to cups is not really credible and often a cynical attempt by suppliers to sell you powdered milk for your office coffee machine as they won’t get to supply you with fresh milk!

The purchase prices on our range of bean-to-cup machines goes from £1250.00 to £15,000+ – there is a wide range and something for every site situation, volume and quality requirement. Have a look on our website or call us to discuss on 01324 617618 or 0203 096 7233. If you run a office with a cafe or a lot of coffee volume and meetings or are in a self-service situation (eg: an office kitchen) you might be better off with an automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine than an espresso machine although we supply a full range of barista coffee machines, grinders, coffee beans and training.

Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines

Instant Coffee Machines

Instant coffee machines use soluble (instant) ingredients like freeze-dried instant coffee, cappuccino topping powder (around 70% milk) and powdered hot chocolate drink mix. One of these machines – often called ‘dispensers’ – offers a compact and low-cost office coffee machine which is generally plumbed to the mains water supply – the principle benefit is very high speed dispense or a very hot beverage (all powder, no fresh milk to cool the drink, or to go off either), low cost machines and low cost drinks in high volumes.

You can see examples of Matrix Mini Magnum and Sovereign office coffee machines here:

Office Coffee Machine      Office Coffee Machine

In a factory or office with a short coffee break these machines can be a real queue buster without breaking the bank but the fact is that generally people are more and more seeking better quality coffee such as a bean-to-cup machine would give. With instant coffee machines, the machine cost is generally lower than espresso machines or bean to cup in some ways with less to go wrong as well.

Office Coffee Machine Lease Rental:

Coffee machines are expensive to purchase outright and you may want to use your precious capital for other projects so we offer a simple 3 year lease-rental finance deal on most of our coffee machine rental deals. This costs a little more than the up front purchase price but spreads out the cost over 3 years; if you wish to take title to the machine at the end of the lease term we offer this for one more month’s payment.

We hope this short introduction to office coffee machines across some of our range has been helpful to you, Caffia Coffee Group is a friendly family run company and would be glad to discuss your needs. Our principle sales contacts are George Hardwick and Russell Hardwick and best email is [email protected]

London Coffee Machines

We have 2 showrooms – one at our Falkirk head office in central Scotland and one in central London; these are very useful for viewing coffee equipment, staff training and trying out coffees.

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