Elegant and stylish with black, blue and lined chrome, the Necta Krea Touch coffee machine is designed to complement the modern workplace and can have bespoke coffee drink recipes and the customer’s own logo branding and promotional videos on the smart touch selection screen if desired.

The Necta Krea Touch coffee machine is one of the first coffee machines available that can use telemetry; it is possible to connect this coffee vending machine to Wi-Fi and generate daily reports on coffee consumption statistics, and breakdown by a quick and handy email to your company or smartphone. This coffee machine can also have a coin mechanism which allows you to use it in coffee vending service situations.

An excellent solution for coffee in offices, car showrooms or forecourts with its wide touch screen and modern looks making it perfect as a coffee vending machine for the workplace; combining this with the broad range of espresso coffee beans, powdered skimmed milk and indulgent hot chocolate drink mix powder from Caffia Coffee Group and you have a winner!

Necta Krea Touch Coffee Machine

It has the Necta Z4000 bean-to-cup coffee brewer unit which allows the machine make 12oz size drinks of cappuccino and hot chocolate made from fresh coffee beans and 100% powdered milk topping – the Krea Touch has generous size coffee and ingredients canisters for hot chocolate and cappuccino topping powder.

Here you can watch a useful step-by-step video guide on how to clean the Krea Touch coffee machine:


We offer these coffee machines to buy, lease or rent on a simple 3 year lease-rental deal which spreads out the cost of the machine and helps with your cash flow. Caffia Coffee Group also offer a broad range of good quality espresso coffee beans which we deliver to your door by courier all over the UK.

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