Necta coffee vending machines are popular with workplaces, offices, showrooms and golf clubs where the Italian made bean to cup machines like the Necta Krea Touch, Necta Korinto, Necta Solista or Koro Max Prime are at home making espressos, lattes and hot chocolates at the touch of a button. We offer a range of coffee vending machines from Evoca Group and Necta which are ideal for a variety of applications and are well proven and tough in service for many tens of thousands of drinks.

Necta Krea Touch Coffee Machine

Stylish and smartly designed with blue back lit doors, easy programming and cleaning and a good range of drinks like coffee, espresso, latte and cappuccino, Necta coffee machines use roasted coffee beans, powdered milk and powdered luxury hot chocolate and can be fitted with coin mechanisms in a side module; it is also possible to get a contactless payment option on some models in the Necta HORECA range with the Necta Solista model.

Using the latest generation of granulated 100% skimmed milk powder is something of a recent breakthrough and it means you do not have the same degree of milk foamer cleaning that is common with fresh milk machines for a pretty close taste.


Generally these are plumbed in Necta coffee vending machines but it is possible to get a hand-fill tank version which can be useful in the Koro Max Prime as this can be used in isolation from a plumbed water supply. We arrange professional installation of your machine with a dedicated Fluxx Pro or similar water softener filter, free coffee beans of your choice (6x1kg box) and plumbing in to ready services.

We supply a range of smart coffee machine base cabinets to go with the Necta coffee machine price models that can include self-service cup and lid dispensers.

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