The Matrix Mini Magnum coffee machine is a slimline and powerful dispenser using instant coffee granules, cappuccino topping milk powder and hot chocolate powder  to make a range of drinks like cappuccino, caffe latte, coffee and hot chocolate.

It also has a hot water button that is very useful for tea, soup and other needs in the kitchen. Other features of the Matrix Mini Magnum coffee machine are as follows:

  • The customer can audit drink numbers through LCD screen.
  • Easy to use touch-button format.
  • Includes option of ‘go-large’ and ‘go-strong’ drink sizes via the smart touch button screen.
  • Plumbed to mains water supply or on FloJet pump system.

Size: (WxDxH):165 x 455 x 660mm – Power: 3.0kW – see our instant coffee machines and hot chocolate machines here.

Caffia Coffee Group stock a wide range of instant vending ingredients, freeze-dried instant coffees, hot chocolate powders, 100% pure skimmed milk granules and cappuccino topping in 10 x 750g packs for quick dispatch all over the UK.

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