Instant Coffee Vending Machines

Instant coffee vending machines are favoured for offices and showrooms needing high speed dispense of drinks as they only need to mix powdered ingredients and dispense straight into the cup.

A slim and powerful instant coffee vending machine like the Matrix Mini Magnum dispenser uses soluble (instant) ingredients to make a range of drinks at high speed like cappuccino, caffe latte, coffee and hot chocolate plus a handy hot water button for tea or soup.

Other points applicable to this type of coffee vending machine include:

  • The customer can audit the drink numbers through an LCD screen.
  • Easy to use touch button pad format.
  • Includes option of ‘go-large’ and ‘go-strong’ via touch button screen.
  • Plumbed to mains water supply or on FloJet pump system where no plumbing can be obtained.
  • The Mini Magnum has very compact dimensions and fits neatly into any office or catering environment; it is just one of a range of coffee vending machines that we offer from brands like Bravilor, Necta, CoffeeTek and Franke Coffee Systems. Our range can be fitted with coin mechanisms and change givers to allow you to charge for the hot drinks in your office, workplace or showroom.

We also offer a simple 3 year lease rental deal to allow you to spread out the costs if you wish; so for example a Matrix Mini Magnum would cost £1400.00 + VAT to buy outright or would cost £50.00 + VAT per month on a 3 year term coffee vending machine to lease.

Coffee Vending Machine

Above: An example of a modern bean-to-cup coffee vending machine which we also supply UK-wide.

We stock a range of high-performance freeze-dried instant coffees, cappuccino topping milk powders and hot chocolate drink mix powders, cups, lids and sugars for instant coffee machines and fresh coffee beans for the bean-to-cup type of coffee machines.

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