Slimline and powerful instant coffee machines like the Matrix Mini Magnum dispenser using instant coffee, cappuccino topping milk powder and hot chocolate drink mix powder to make a range of drinks like cappuccino, caffe latte, black coffee, espresso and hot chocolate plus a handy hot water button for tea and soup.

Customer can audit drink numbers through the Matrix Mini Magnum’s LCD screen using the easy to use touch-button format and can include option of ‘go-large’ and ‘go-strong’ for their individual cups the screen as well; our instant coffee machines are plumbed to mains water supply or on a FloJet back up pump system.

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So who are these instant coffee machines ideal for?

Instant coffee machines have the principle advantages of

a) High speed of dispense.
b) Lower price than other coffee machines.

The only drawback with these coffee machines is the inferior quality of hot drink compared to say bean to cup or filter coffee machines in offices, hotels or cafes.

Below: The Matrix Sovereign instant coffee machine has larger capacity ingredient canisters for more demanding sites.


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The speed of dispense makes them ideal for high demand situations as they can dispense a black coffee in 6 seconds without any complications of coffee grinders, steam boilers or fresh milk foaming and arguably with easier cleaning as well.

You can see the dedicated Matrix hot chocolate machine as well as all other models on our corporate website here.

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