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Caffia Coffee Group is a dynamic family-run business offering a range of industrial coffee machines, please call us on 01324 617618. Founded in 1985, we have grown as a result of detailed product knowledge in the industrial coffee machines market and excellent supplier relationships with leading brands like Franke, Jura, Bravilor, Coffee Queen, Marco and Necta N & W who make some of the best coffee machines in the world.

What types of industrial coffee machines do we offer?

Filter Coffee Machines and Bulk Brewers:

An important industrial coffee machine in any catering outlet is the filter coffee machine; these come in a range of sizes and models from a simple double jug coffee machine, twin pour over filter coffee brewers that are plumbed to the mains water supply for more convenient operation for the caterer and finally bulk-brewers.

As the name suggests, a bulk brewer is a large commercial filter coffee machine that makes large batches of fresh filter coffee; these machines are needed for hotels, conference centres, university kitchens and some hospitals because of the demand for large volumes in a short space of time. Our range of bulk brewers from brands like Bravilor and Marco include specific models like the Bravilor B10 and B20 and the Marco Jet Brewer, an exciting new machine offering brewing programming that very much enhance the quality of the coffee brewed. Bulk brewers are often used for breakfast coffee in hotels, a time of high demand.

Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines and Grinders.

A barista-style traditional espresso coffee machines comes in several formats and sizes, the compact 2 group – either the Esprezzi Ultra or Synchro, the full size 2 group again with the Esprezzi Ultra or Synchro and the 3 group models of both Synchro and Esprezzi and La Cimbali.

Traditional Espresso Coffee Machines

It is also possible to obtain a 4 group Synchro machine but this is quite rare and often we feel that having 2 x 2 group would be a better buy. Coffee shops generally pair an espresso machine with one of our grinder range from Macap or Mazzer as well as a knock out drawer – at Caffia we sometimes think: ‘Why don’t customers go for 2 grinders and serve 2 different styles of coffee with their industrial coffee machine?’  For example in our coffee beans range Espresso Crema is very different from Espresso Supremo but both are delicious in their own way and would offer a distinctive choice to the consumer… Have a look at the red Synchro 2 group traditional espresso machine here; these can also be in  black, and white.

Bean-To-Cup Automatic Industrial Coffee Machines

There are a wide range of bean to cup coffee machines available for industrial applications; the benefit of this type of industrial coffee machine lies in the automation – these are basically robots which grind, tamp, heat and texture foamed milk and bring the whole drink together into your cup at the touch of a button.

Our range of this type of machine varies according to demand in terms of cups served per day and also the choice between powdered milk and fresh milk as the ingredient which you use along with fresh coffee beans. There is quite a debate raging on the benefits of fresh milk and powdered milk or cappuccino topping powder because there is no question that powdered milk has very greatly improved in recent years and is often just what it says – 100% pure skimmed milk in agglomerate powder form.

We tend to recommend fresh milk bean to cup machine like the Jura Giga X8 in this video for most catering or foodservice customers where the drink is being sold. Bean to cup commercial coffee machines will produce cappuccino, caffe latte, flat white, americano, hot chocolate and mocha at the touch of a button; some of the popular models that we offer include the Necta Kalea bean-to-cup machine

Necta Kalea Plus Coffee Machine

We install your industrial coffee machine with full staff training and water filters in London and throughout the UK and offer friendly service and speedy dispatch of prime coffees, hot chocolate, paper cups, lids, teas and biscuits straight to your door. We also offer full barista training and support and water filters.

Talk to us about your needs for industrial coffee machines, it is often not an easy decision to take! Why not come and see our London industrial coffee machine showroom or Falkirk coffee school and machine showroom? These locations give you a unique opportunity to get ‘hands-on’ with our machines and coffee.

Contact Us:

Caffia Coffee Group | Lomond House | Russel Street | Falkirk | FK2 7HS – Tel: 01324 617618

Caffia Coffee Group | 47 Gee Street | London | EC1V 3RS – Tel: 0203 096 7233

Caffia Coffee Group | 51 Pinfold Street | Birmingham | B2 4AY – Tel: 0121 289 4229


Sales Offices covering the UK at: Aberdeen, Birmingham, Manchester, Barnard Castle, Stafford, Peterborough, Gloucester and Bodmin.

Caffia Coffee Group also have a wide range of premium coffees for catering and offices in coffee beans form and filter ground coffees, we have 8 different espresso coffee beans and 8 filter coffee blends in portion sachets that are just the right size for making a jug or flask of breakfast coffee of for meetings. Our range also includes several Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified blends.



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