A recent article on the Daily Coffee News website of the ROAST magazine in the United States carries interesting information on coffee farmers in Honduras as they struggle to make a decent living with problems of coffee ‘leaf rust’ as well as low prices making it difficult to make ends meet.

Some of the article is quoted here below and also a link to it and to the Café Capucas website showing the interesting effort to combine the twin Latin American obsessions of enjoying great coffee and great football!

Café Capucas Co-op is a community and generational coffee cooperative made up of local coffee farmers and their families. The organization was built by coffee growers for coffee growers with the goals of improving business practices, farming techniques, financial stability and quality control and maintenance.

When the Houston Coffee Collective was given the opportunity to visit the organization, we were eager to find out more about the people behind it. Throughout our week in Honduras, we spoke to several farmers, visited their micro lots, spoke with green buyers and roasters, and ultimately watched an arduous process of coffee’s journey unfold.

We built relationships with the people who had dedicated their lives to this agricultural product, whether by choice or as a means for survival.


Coffee Plantation

This caught our eye as our fabulous Espresso Trios Coffee Beans– a prime single origin Arabica bean which is 100% Fairtrade, Organic and Rainforest Alliance certified – is from Honduras, a country famous for growing superb coffee!

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