The Franke FM750 coffee machine is a heavy-duty bean to cup coffee machine; discuss it with us on 0203 096 7233. With a smart touch-screen for selection of cappuccino, flat white, caffe latte, americano or espresso from beans and fresh milk, the Franke FM750 coffee machine is designed for sites offering up to 400 speciality coffees per day; in UK use it is now being replaced with the Franke FM850 machine and the Franke A400, 600 and 800, some of which can be coffee machine with under counter milk fridge layout to save on space

It is one of the most advanced bean-to-cup systems obtainable thanks to the FoamMaster milk system for hot or cold milk foam (cold only on the FM850 model), the chocolate dispenser and the syrup flavour station.

  • Limitless range of flavoured milk and coffee beverages – from fruity frappe to a perfect latte macchiato in heavy-use sites serving 400 coffees per day.
  • 10.4 inch touch screen and unbelievably flexible operating modes and programming for operated or self-service environments. Intuitive menu navigation enables simple and efficient operation.
  • Manufactured to the highest standards in Switzerland.

Size (WxDxH) 320 x 600 x 785mm – Power: 5.2 kW

Ask us for further details of this ‘next-generation’ superautomatic system or view our video of the Franke A600FM, the smaller brother of the FoamMaster 750 here or in our central London showroom:

The Franke FM750 coffee machine offers superb hot chocolate made with fresh milk as well

Talk to us about how this cutting-edge coffee machine family could help in your first-class lounge, office, showroom or restaurant or view our range of premium coffee beans.

Why not call us on 0203 096 7233 or 01324 617618 to discuss purchase or lease-rental rates?

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