The Franke A800 coffee machine is a heavy duty bean to cup coffee machine for demanding office or catering situations; it offers flat white, caffe latte, espresso, cappuccino, hot chocolate made with fresh milk and can even dispense cold milk!

Features Of The Franke A800 Coffee Machine.

Franke coffee machines are made in Switzerland to the highest standards. In the case of the Franke A800 coffee machine, there are three separate water and steam boilers to cope with sustained demand and offers simultaneous dispense of drinks that can include hot chocolate made with fresh milk in hospitals, universities, garden centres and motorway services.

Franke A800 Coffee Machine

Have a look at Franke Coffee System’s video of the A800 here for more detail:

The Touch Selection Screen.

If you thought the Franke A600 had an stunning intuitive touch-screen then you should see the Franke A800 coffee machine! Truly amazing layout of industry leading and easy-to-use selection is a leading feature of this superb speciality coffee coffee machine which is one of the most competent self service coffee machines on the market today.

Franke A800 Coffee Machine

Our Coffees & Franke Cleaning Materials

We stock a wide range of 16 fresh coffee beans in both whole bean and filter ground coffee format which is delivered UK-wide next day from our Falkirk base; please view our range of premium coffee beans here. You can also browse our range of Franke coffee cleaning tablets and milk cleaning fluid on this website.

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