The Franke A1000 coffee machine is a heavy duty bean to cup machine starting at £11,800 + VAT that offers an astonishing breadth of speciality coffee drink options like flat white, caffe latte and hot chocolate and even cold milk drinks from one of the most sophisticated coffee machines available today.

With up to 3 advanced ceramic disk coffee grinders, 2 types of milk if desired in the huge 12 litre milk fridge and the industry-leading Franke CleanMaster fully automatic touch button cleaning technology from a permanent on-board reserve tank of milk cleaning chemical gives exemplary HACCP hygiene levels and efficiency for the caterer, the Franke A1000 is quite some coffee machine!

The large multimedia screen on the A1000 is also a remarkable item offering variable branding and advertising messages, sound and video; it is simply one of the most astounding user interface self-service experiences from any coffee machine with greatly enhanced management by the caterer or office manager.

Would you like Flat white? Mocha, Hot Chocolate with Fresh Milk? Soya Milk Caramel Latte? Cappuccino? Espresso? Latte Macchiato? Cold Coffee Syrup Specialties in 6 flavours? The Franke A1000 FM CM FoamMaster does it all and is available in white, black and even with gold trim if desired.

Franke A1000 Coffee Machine

Above: The Franke A1000 is seen here at the Hotelympia Show in Excel London Centre

A robust catering or office coffee machine with 3 separate boilers, the Franke A1000 FM CM coffee machine is recommended for sites serving 300 plus coffees per day and offers tremendous choice and remarkable quality via the acclaimed ‘FoamMaster’ technology from Franke Coffee Systems for deliciously dense froth on your morning cappuccino time after time.

The Franke A1000 is made in Switzerland, a guarantee of quality and reliability so that you get the most out of the investment you have made; the coffee brew group has a 43 mm and 50 mm gauze and needle filter; it can be removed quickly and easily without tools. See the whole range of Franke coffee machines here.

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