We offer a wide range of catering filter coffee brewers for both glass jugs and flasks. Ideal for catering and office kitchens to prepare batches of fresh meetings coffee. We offer the Caffia CX-2, Bravilor Matic, Novo and Mondo as well as flask type coffee brewers and plumbed-in coffee machines like the ISO and THa filter brewers from Bravilor.

Filter coffee brewersFilter coffee brewers

Even with the multiple bean-to-cup machines that are available, there is still a significant place for the ‘pour-over’ filter brewer because it is an full batch machine not a cup-by-cup machine and offers a pleasant brew that is thinner and more appropriate to all day drinking, meetings coffee or hotel breakfast coffee – more convenient than cafetiere coffee and without the intensity of espresso based brewing from a 2 group or 3 group coffee machine, filter coffee brewers are back centre stage in offices, restaurants and cafes!

Larger venues like Universities, Conference Centres and Hotels often need larger volumes of fresh coffee and for this function a bulk brewer is ideal – these will generally make from 6 litres to up to 40 litres of filter coffee at a time and often utilise a 3-phase power supply; good examples are the Bravilor B20 and the Marco MaxiBrew Twin coffee machines. Some of these large catering coffee brewers are expensive and so a offer a 3 year lease rental deal which is a simple and tax-effective way to spread out the cost of your machines.

Catering Filter Coffee Machine Bulk Brew    Filter coffee brewers

Talk to us about samples of portioned filter coffee sachets that are ideal for giving consistent results and portion control – we offer 8 types including Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance coffee

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