Caffia Coffee Group offer a full range of catering espresso coffee machine models for cafes, restaurants, bars, hotels and foodservice. We offer a range of espresso coffee machines that is uniquely flexible, well priced and with UK-wide service back up and barista training.

Take for example the Royal Synchro range – top of the range Italian-made espresso machines with the option of an individual boiler per group head offering precise PID temperature control for a whole new era of espresso brewing. The Synchro series are attractively designed with a choice of colours in red, orange, black and white – see a video of the Synchro 2 Group here:

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How does a traditional espresso machine work?

A traditional espresso machine works by pumping hot water through the bed of espresso (fine) ground coffee in a ‘group handle’ at a very high pressure of around 9 bar or 150 pounds per square inch in order to extract a very intense and aromatic cup of espresso – this is the basis of the modern speciality coffee drinks line-up.

Making a cappuccino or caffe latte involves heating and/or foaming milk (we generally recommend semi-skimmed) with a cappuccino having more tiny air bubbles as foam on the top – this is generally done with one of the machine steam arms and via careful control of the steam valve – there’s a great deal of steam in the boiler so be careful and don’t panic! Why not come and see our showrooms?

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