Suppliers of 2 group and 3 group espresso coffee machines in Bristol and Avon area, call 01452 203147 to discuss our broad range of espresso coffee machines from Cimbali, Royal Synchro and Esprezzi and also compact 2 group models for sites with limited budget or space.

Our heavy duty coffee grinders are normally from Macap or Mazzer which are both premium Italian brands and also offer precision digital grind-on-demand grinders for demanding baristas.

Ideal for cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels in Bristol and Avon, our range of traditional coffee machines is flexible, well priced and with service back up, water softener filters and full staff or barista training.

How Does An Espresso Machine Bristol Work?

These beautiful machines work by pumping hot water through the bed of fine ground fresh coffee in a ‘group handle’ or ‘portafilter’ at a very high pressure of around 9 bar or 150 pounds per square inch in order to extract a very intense and aromatic cup of espresso which is the basis and starting point of the whole modern speciality coffee drinks line-up.

Making a flat white, cappuccino or caffe latte involves heating and foaming and texturing the milk (we generally recommend semi-skimmed) with a cappuccino having more tiny air bubbles as foam on the top.

This is generally done with one of the steam arms and via careful control of the steam valve, there is a saying in the trade ‘silk, not milk’ which aptly describes the end result of a silk smooth latte to enjoy!

See the popular Esprezzi Ultra 2 Group espresso coffee machine Bristol here:

Espresso Coffee Machines Bristol

Purchasing a full espresso machine package with coffee grinder, water filter etc can be really quite heavy on the cash flow so we also offer rental of espresso coffee machines via a lease-rental finance deal with respected finance brokers and a 3 year lease rental deal; this is a handy and easy service the spreads out the cost of the equipment and eases cash flow.

If you have to be in London then why not come and see our London coffee machines showroom? This is located at Gee Street, near to Old Street and Barbican; see it on Google Maps here.

Contact us to request coffee beans samples or to discuss your needs in more detail today on 01452 203147.

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