We offer a full range of professional espresso coffee grinder models; call 01324 617618 for a price and chose from the Macap M5, the Macap MXA and the Macap MXD grinder with grind-on-demand feature; all are ideal for busy cafes, restaurants, pubs and hotels looking for a reliable partner grinder for their espresso coffee machine.

Strong points of espresso coffee machines are smart looks that shouts ‘we sell good coffee’, good cup warming storage, good ‘theatre’ as customers can see the drink being crafted for them, good prices and robust performance. See our espresso machine range here: https://www.caffia.com/commercial-coffee-machines/

Also consider that these traditional espresso machines with grinders do take time to make a drink as well as quite a bit of skill acquired by practice – also with a human operator (s) there can be a degree of inconsistency in the end product. It’s fair to say that traditional espresso machines are rare in the office setting as they are not really automated enough to be convenient for staff drinks.

Caffia Coffee Group offers a range of both ‘workhorse’ and luxury espresso machines, grinders and barista training which you can see by clicking to our corporate website which is  at: https://www.caffia.com/commercial-coffee-machines/commercial-espresso-coffee-machines/

If you run a high-pressure outlet where coffee is not the main focus, have high staff turnover or are in a self-service situation (eg: an office kitchen) you might be better off with an automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine.

Caffia Coffee Group is an established family business offering ‘Everything From The Bean To The Cup’ as a espresso coffee grinder supplier we have long experience so why not ask us for a price or talk to us an request samples from our wide range of coffee beans today?

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