Caffia Coffee Group offer a wide range of espresso coffee beans for cafes that are packed in 6 x 1 kilo freshness valve bag format for use in traditional coffee machines and automatic bean to cup coffee machines.

Have you tried our ever-popular Espresso Crema for a real taste of Italy with rounded, soft taste and velvet swallow as an espresso and excellent penetration in a cappuccino or flat white? That is only the beginning of the Caffia espresso coffee beans range though!

We have another seven types of espresso coffee beans including the awesome Espresso Supremo our fine-dining deluxe blend, Espresso Fino – the ‘gentleman’s espresso’ and the remarkable Espresso Trios triple certified espresso coffee beans – a pure single origin coffee from Honduras that is 100% Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic certified.

We offer a espresso coffee beans sample service whereby we can quickly dispatch a 250 g sample pack(s) to you – please simply email us at:

Our espresso coffee beans range includes something for everyone, a sophisticated and outward-looking range that embraces global coffee taste styles, Caffia espresso coffee beans are backed up by comprehensive and professional point-of-sale materials and full barista training when you purchase coffee machines from and this from a friendly family business that is keen to help you all the way!

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