Easy To Clean Professional Coffee Machines

You need your morning coffee fix from a high-quality coffee machine; a good selection of speciality coffees like flat white, caffe latte, espresso, or cappuccino and you want it:

  • Consistent quality every time.
  • Fast – say in 25 seconds.
  • Good and hot.
  • Made from coffee beans and fresh milk.

But (truth be told) you can’t be bothered to clean the coffee machine, right?

This is a familiar story in the workplace and, well, its busy now you’ve returned to the office, not very much time is available, and besides, cleaning the coffee machine isn’t in my job description, no way!

But this is a challenge. A bean to cup coffee machine with fresh milk will just stop working if its not cleaned and can be a real headache in the office.

Does An Easy To Clean Coffee Machine Exist?

The great news is that with the current and future range of automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines with auto-clean function they do exist yes!

Take for example the aptly named Franke A600 FoamMaster EasyClean coffee machine; this is a smart Swiss-made superautomatic coffee machine using espresso roast coffee beans and fresh semi-skimmed milk.

Easy to clean professional coffee machines

The Franke A600 EasyClean has a milk cleaning concentrate tank cartridge and setting a coffee and milk cleaning cycle running is simply a matter of pressing a few buttons on the screen and emptying the coffee grouts bin (oh yes, and the milk cleaner tank cartridge just slots in easily when a new one is needed as well).

The video below shows the ease with which the coffee machine cleaning works, you will probably also notice the generous size of the coffee waste bin and drip tray, this is a machine for busy sites and can cope with 250 cups per day if needed in both catering or office coffee machines settings.


Easy To Clean Coffee Machines Of 2023

Looking ahead to some time in 2023 there will be a new professional bean to cup coffee machine from the Gaggia professional stable that promises to add enhancements to the popular Gaggia La Radiosa machine; this will be the Gaggia La Solare coffee machine.

Easy to clean professional coffee machines

Building on this premium Italian brand’s pedigree and flair for great coffee, the La Solare coffee machine will include the newly-developed Necta Z4000 iX coffee beans brewer which has the capacity for up to 21 grams of ground coffee for large cups of americano or double espresso.

Infection Control Features

With our ongoing concern about hygiene and transmitted infection, it is exciting to learn that this will have the ability to be a touchless coffee machine.

This will be by using a smartphone app called the Coffee APPeal to remotely order your own customised coffee drink without touching the screen! Watch a video here on this app in operation:


Gaggia have built into the Gaggia La Solare coffee machine waterproof membrane with silver ions that actively block proliferation of microorganisms and bacteria for upto 5 years. This means that even when touching the PureZone selection screen you are protected and reassured.

Easy to clean professional coffee machines

Gaggia La Solare Coffee Machine Cleaning

Using a new automatic coffee and milk cleaning system with no need to disassemble or remove any internal components will be a huge plus of the new machine!

The milk heating and foaming system also has an emulsifier for unique milk texture and consistency obtained by electronic adjustment of air injection in milk foaming allowing different milk configuration to be achieved for different types of drinks.

We offer more than one easy to clean coffee machine right now because we haven’t told you about the Jura J.O.E smartphone coffee app yet!


See our video above of the J.O.E app and head over to the popular Jura JX10 coffee machine on this link.

You can see the EVOCA coffee machines stand at HOST Milano trade show here:


Need advice on the best commercial coffee machines for your needs? Contact us to discuss any coffee machine needs that you may have, and we will be pleased to assist.



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