Caffia Coffee Group is a family-run supplier of corporate coffee machines for the workplace with a wide range of bean-to-cup and automatic hot drinks machines and filter coffee brewers for all sizes and budgets in the corporate coffee machines market.

Visit our central London showroom or call us on 0203 096 7233 to discuss your needs further and try out our equipment; we think great coffee is a real necessity for corporate offices; there can be little doubt that staff and visitors enjoy good coffee and the morale boost it brings them in the daily grind. Coffee machines with contactless payment like the Franke A600 or Jura Giga X8 Generation 2 are also an excellent choice in a business centre or hot desking workplace.

Coffee Machines London

Above: The Caffia Coffee Group London Showroom.

A compact coffee machine like the Jura JX8 bean to cup will be ideal for smaller offices, these machines are easy to use and clean and operate very well with demand of upto 75 cups per day bringing coffee shop quality flat white, espresso and caffe latte made with fresh milk and espresso coffee beans to the corporate workplace.

Bean To Cup Coffee Machines For Corporate Offices

We have a range of both instant and fresh coffee bean-to-cup coffee machines to cater to different tastes offering capacities between 20 and 300 cups per day. Instant coffee machines have the advantages of being quick and easy to use, whilst a bean-to-cup offers the user a fresh-brewed drink; our range of espresso coffee beans is comprehensive and includes 8 different blends and pures.

Corporate Coffee Machines

Above: The Jura Giga X3c Bean To Cup Corporate Coffee Machine.

Our wide range of corporate coffee machine brands for your workplace includes coffee machines from Franke, Jura, Necta, Cimbali, K-FEE and Bravilor. It is not just sophisticated touch-button equipment that we offer but also filter coffee brewers for corporate meetings and business conferences.

Coffee Machines For Meeting Rooms

While the coffee that comes from the host of Italian and Swiss brands of bean-to-cup machines is great coffee it is of course quite intense being espresso-based; with filter coffee machines on the other hand you have a much more genteel and mild brew while still full of flavour and perfect for all day meetings to keep you going with repeated cups of coffee! Call us to request samples of our Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance filter coffees.

Corporate Coffee Machines           Corporate Coffee Machines

Our Coffee Machine Showrooms

We have two showrooms- one in central London at 47 Gee Street, Clerkenwell and one at our Falkirk office in Scotland; please do feel free to call in to see our range of coffee machines and coffee beans or call us on 0203 096 7233 or 01324 617618.

Please contact us to discuss your needs further:

Caffia Coffee Group, London Coffee Machine Showroom, 47 Gee Street, London, EC1V 3RS

Tel: 0203 096 7233 | Email: [email protected] 

Caffia Coffee Group, Lomond House, Russel Street, Falkirk, FK2 7HS

Tel: 01324 617618 | Email: [email protected] 

Have a look at our demonstration video of the popular Jura Giga X8 Generation 2 bean to cup coffee machine here:

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