The Caffia Expresso unit is a commercial coffee to go machine for self-service use. Smart branding on this pod surround and the Franke A600 FoamMaster bean to cup coffee machine gives touch-button flat white, cappuccino, caffe latte and hot chocolate made with fresh milk is the ultimate solution for coffee to go machine needs.

Carefully researched by Caffia Coffee Group, a friendly family-run coffee business with UK-wide reach, the advanced Franke A600 or Franke A800 FoamMaster coffee to go machine models are paired with our stunning Caffia branded coffees which include Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance options and brought together as a commercial coffee to go machine. We also offer contactless payment coffee machines with Nayax technology for cashless coffee vending on both Jura and Franke Swiss coffee machines.

Commercial Coffee To Go Machine

A self-service coffee machine of this nature is ideal for exploiting the considerable profit potential of modern speciality coffee-to-go sales and finds popular use in healthcare, offices, forecourts and convenience stores as well as and education and universities to keep staff and visitors refreshed and an excellent revenue stream in your tills! Typical margin with a hot beverage sale price of £2.50 can be as high as £1.65 per cup.

This type of coffee machine offers consistency and automation and these delicious drinks are made at the touch of a button. In the colder parts of the year it is a pleasure to enjoy hot chocolate from one of this coffee to go machines; especially if this is made with fresh milk as it can be on the Franke A600, A800 or Jura Giga X8 series of Swiss superautomatic coffee machines that are in these pods with cup dispensers, lid dispensers and sugar storage areas.

Coffee To Go Machine

Franke Coffee Systems provide installation and service support with a Gold Service Plan that covers 7 days per week and annual preventative maintenance visits that can also include changing the Brita water filter unit.

Simply touch the screen for a delicious coffee to be dispensed into a china cup, mug or paper cup of your choice; premium coffee to go at its best with friendly supplier! You can see machines in our central London coffee machine showroom or our Falkirk head office coffee school.

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