We offer commercial coffee machines to rent for offices and coffee shops; call us on 0203 096 7233 to discuss your needs about bean to cup coffee machines, traditional espresso coffee machines, filter coffee machine, coffee grinders or instant coffee machine, our long experience and expert barista training means you are supported by reliable service.

Caffia Coffee Group offer 3 year lease-rental deals and 5 year lease rental deals as well as purchase and sometime free loan coffee machines.

What Are The Benefits Of Coffee Machine Rental?

Placing your coffee equipment on a lease rental deal allows you to spread out the payments and conserves precious cash for use in other applications in the critical start-up phase of your coffee shop or restaurant – it is also tax-efficient because all the rental payments over the 3 year term are fully allowable against your profits so in the overall you would pay less tax.

Talk to us about commercial coffee machine rental and how we can help you further or read our recent blog for more in-depth explanation.

Commercial coffee machines to rent

Each commercial coffee machine comes with operator training, water filter and installation as standard; we advise you carefully so as to ensure the correct professional coffee machine and conserve your precious cash. Caffia Coffee Group is also one-stop shop for all your consumable needs like coffee beans, filter coffee, tea, hot chocolate, paper cups and stirrers. Contact us on 0203 096 7233 today for a demonstration and see how an industrial coffee machine can help your outlet.

Great Quality Coffees And Barista Training

We are a dynamic family-run business offering a range of prime coffee beans and commercial coffee machines UK-wide. Founded in 1985, we have grown as a result of excellent service and detailed product knowledge into a major player in the key markets.

Do you work in a restaurant, coffee shop, hotel or golf club?

Our super-modern coffee roaster, strict quality control, coffee research lab and training show rooms are just the final stages in a fascinating coffee journey bringing this marvel of nature from the tropics to your favourite cup or mug.

Contact us to discuss your needs for commercial coffee machines to rent or visit our London showroom and training centre at 47 Gee Street, London, EC1V 3RS. We also have a showroom at Falkirk in central Scotland.

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Commercial Coffee Machines To Rent

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