Coin-operated coffee vending machines are coffee machines for speciality coffees like flat white, caffe latte and macchiato at the touch of a button that control the dispense of beverages by a coin mechanism so that cash in the form of coins are inserted to make up the total vend price before a drink is dispensed. They are an easy-to-use option that saves you needing a member of staff or barista to serve coffees, the coin mechanism also accepts tokens for free drinks.

A coffee vending machine can have an acceptor coin mechanism for ‘exact money only’ like a parking meter or what is known as a ‘change giver’ which is a larger unit with change stored in 3 or 4 tubes in the back of the coin mechanism of the coin operated coffee vending machine.

Commercial coffee vending machines with coin operation are ideal for office coffee in workplaces, car showrooms, golf clubs and factories in London and throughout the UK. We offer a wide range of coin operated coffee vending machine brands like the Gaggia La Radiosa, Necta Koro Max, Necta Krea Touch, Necta Kalea Plus, Jura Giga X3 and the Franke A600FM FoamMaster bean to cup coffee machines with fresh milk which can also have a coin operation module so that you can charge for drinks after hours.

Coin Operated Coffee Machine

Our coin operated coffee machine range delivers fresh coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, flat white coffee and smooth caffe lattes, they are perfect for offices, cafes, forecourts sports clubs, schools, hospitals and catering businesses. We have 2 showrooms of coffee machines, one in Clerkenwell in central London and one with a coffee school at our Falkirk head office in Scotland.

We offer lease rental of coffee vending machine equipment over a simple 3 year lease rental term; ask us for details of the way this scheme works subject to status. Why not have a look at our range of fresh coffees in espresso beans form or ground coffee, cappuccino topping, hot chocolate drink mix and paper cups?

Caffia Coffee Group also work with the very latest cashless coffee vending machine technology from Vianet and Nayax systems to cover this increasingly popular option.

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Below: This video illustrates the smart appearance and performance of the Gaggia La Radiosa coffee machine:


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