Suppliers of coffee vending machines Manchester; call us on 0161 359 5477 to discuss the Necta Koro Max Prime, Franke A800 and Bravilor Esprecious bean to cup coffee vending machines using coffee beans, powdered milk and powdered chocolate.

The Necta Koro Max Prime – as shown below – offers cappuccino, black coffee, espresso and hot chocolate as well as hot water at the touch of a button. It has the genuine espresso ‘pressure-brewing’ process for rich tasting and full bodied coffee and is ideal for offices, showroom or boardrooms in Manchester and the area.

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Some coffee vending machines Manchester like the Gaggia La Radiosa shown on this page can have a change-giving coin mechanism built in to them. The Necta Koro Max coffee vending machine can have coin-operation with a non-change giving coin mechanism. This is ideal for small vending operations, office or golf clubhouse use the cost of the standard coffee vending machine installed complete with water filter and free coffee beans is £2700.00 + VAT complete, the coin mechanism is an extra cost, please enquire.

An exciting growth area is coffee vending machines with fresh milk; examples of this are the remarkable Franke A800 FoamMaster and the Gaggia La Radiosa as shown below:

Coffee Vending Machines Manchester

Please see our products like coffee beans, powder cappuccino topping for vending and hot chocolate. We stock a variety of Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified products.

Coffee Vending Machines Lease Rental

We offer a wide range of workplace coffee vending machines on lease rental; this is a simple finance arrangement over 3 years which is through a company like Grenke Leasing plc or CF Capital Company. But why put your coffee machine on lease rental? Well, it’s like a mortgage on a house, it costs more overall but has 2 key benefits:

1) It spreads out the cost and leaves your precious capital free for other uses in your business.

2) It is fully allowable against profits because it is a rental, this means you save on tax overall.

All our coffee vending machines include a full package of installation, suitable water softener filter for your area and staff training.

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