Coffee vending machine rental is a great way to acquire up-to-date speciality coffees like flat white and cappuccino in your office coffee vending machines without breaking the bank. This is now less about just the costs of one coffee machine against another coffee vending machine and more about having fresh cappuccino and flat white as a basic core offering in the modern office. This takes expertise and blunt honesty from a company who offers a broad range of coffee vending machines from reputable brands and can discuss in detail with you what you need from your coffee system.

Coin control? Bean to cup with fresh milk or powder milk? Performance – is there a ‘rush’ time? Machine costs and things like which water filter? Can a machine with ‘cut-down’ coffee beans hoppers save replacing a kitchen cupboard? Do you need a £5000 machine for meetings coffee when a filter coffee brewer might do? Can Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance coffees be used?

Coffee vending machine rental is simple; the capital (or outright purchase) price is always submitted to you, this then equates to a simple monthly figure over a 3 year lease rental term plus a £100 paperwork fee with the 1st payment.

Coffee Vending Machine Rental

So for example a bean to cup coffee vending machine rental complete with coin mechanism might have an outright purchase price of £5000.00 + VAT; this would equate to around £175.00 + VAT per month depending on the credit score and financial health of your business.

A 3 year lease rental deal – subject to status – can include a 3 year preventative service warranty and all be included in one neat cost, this is particularly the case with larger coffee machines like the Gaggia La Radiosa bean to cup coffee vending machine.

The total cost of a 3 year lease rental deal is more than the up front purchase cost and also the coffee vending machine is not automatically your property at the end of the lease; if you do wish to take title we normally ask for 1 more monthly payment (ie: a 37th month) and then the machine is yours with no more payments.

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