Caffia is a leading provider of freshly roasted coffees and instant freeze-dried coffees, in a wide range of formats:

  • Whole Bean, Cafetiere Grind, Filter Grind, Espresso Grind, and Micro-ground Instant.
  • Fairtrade, Organic, and Rainforest Alliance options.
  • For all types of coffee brewing machines, including traditional espresso, bean to cup, pour-over filter coffee brewers, bulk brew machines, cafetiere’s, fresh brew and instant coffee machines, and more.
  • Popular pack sizes include 6x1Kg whole beans, 45x50g filter coffee 3-pint sachets, and 100x15g cafetiere ground.
  • We also stock a range of micro-ground and instant coffee sachets, tins and freeze-dried soluble coffees.
  • Backed up by a wide range of point of sale merchandise and branded cups to support catering outlets.

View the full range below, set up an account to buy online, or contact us for wholesale rates on higher volumes.

Coffees For All Types Of Brewing Equipment

Whole Bean Coffees

Our espresso roast coffee beans offer a broad range of taste styles to suit both traditional espresso machines and automatic bean-to-cup models.

Filter Ground Coffees

Choose from a range of mellow and rich delicious filter coffees that are now making a well-deserved come back due to their refreshing and easy drinking all-day character.

Coffee For A Cafetiere

Usually a coarser grind fresh coffee, our cafetiere ground coffees are available as a bulk pack 500g or in portioned 2-cup sachets for easy use in a catering environment.

Coffee For Soluble (Instant) Coffee Dispensers

Packed in 10 x 300g pillow packs for use in instant coffee dispensers and table-top touch button coffee machines. Our range has 2 options of freeze-dried instant coffee for vending machines.

India 7s
El Salvador 8s
Brazil 3

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