Our main picture shows a wide sweep of thousands of coffee trees in plantations and estates in El Salvador as they descend the mountains to the Pacific Ocean. The picture is looking up the Mesa-American Corridor of volcanoes, from El Salvador across Guatemala to Mexico; a remarkable shot capturing 3 nations in 1 picture!

Coffee is a huge commodity – second only to oil in size – some 20 million people work in the world coffee trade. An astonishing product of nature that grows in the tropics on 2 main species of tree – Coffea Arabica and Coffea Robusta (there are others as well); coffee trees are generally kept to somewhere below 2 metres in height to ease harvesting.

Brazil 3     Wholesale Coffee Beans     Wholesale Coffee Beans

Everything influences coffee’s taste in the cup – tree type, climate, soil, care of the crop, care of harvesting and processing, transport, care of selection by green buyers, handling, roasting, grinding and packing and final preparation…

In the Caffia range of coffee beans we find a practical range put together by studying taste styles of Italian, U.S. and other trends as well as the stability of supply of origins to go in our blends – the result is a range spanning 2 mainstream, 2 fine-dining and 3 ethical-certified coffee beans – something for every application that is delivered to a consistent quality standard and performance.

There is an interesting article on innovative young coffee farmers and coffee-growing trends in Brazil on the BBC Website – see here

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News from the International Coffee Organization website:

Coffee Trade Statistics – October 2015 • World coffee exports amounted to 8.74 million bags in October 2015, a fall of 3.6% compared with 9.07 million bags in October 2014. • In the twelve months ending October 2015, exports of Arabica totalled 68.48 million bags compared to 69.41 million bags last year; whereas Robusta exports amounted to 41.90 million bags compared to 44.49 million bags.

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