We supply coffee machines Perthshire in Perth, Pitlochry, Aberfeldy, Auchterarder, Blairgowrie, Fort William, Newtonmore and Mallaig; please call on 01324 617618 to talk about your needs. The Jura range of premium Swiss bean to cup coffee machines which are some of our favourite machines along with 2 group and 3 group traditional espresso machines and grinders, fresh filter coffee machines and cafetiere dispensers.


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The Jura Giga X3 bean to cup coffee machine has an excellent range of speciality coffee drinks made from beans and fresh milk and also comes with an industry-leading 3 year parts and labour warranty. Why not have a look at our Jura Giga video here?

We also offer a range of filter coffee brewers, traditional espresso machines and grinders to the Highlands and Islands area; rely on us for friendly barista training and support.

As you probably already know, in an espresso machine, the coffee beans are ground to a fine consistency and ‘tamped’ (pressed firmly) into a strong handle which is known as a group handle or portafilter, this is not unlike a very small and rugged saucepan. Once secured in the group head on the espresso machine by means of a quarter of a turn the machine’s pump is triggered to force water through the ground coffee at around 140psi (although at a low flow rate) and the result is this intense extraction.

Milk heating, foaming and texturing are undertaken by the barista with the machine’s steam arms – this is a skill that takes practice but don’t worry – we train you on all of this! Strong points of espresso machines are smart looks that shouts ‘we sell good coffee’, good cup warming storage, good ‘theatre’ as customers can see the drink being crafted for them, good prices and robust performance.

Also consider that these coffee machines do take time to make a drink as well as a bit of skill acquired by practice – also with a human operator (s) there can be a degree of inconsistency in the end product. It’s fair to say that traditional espresso machines are rare in the office setting as they are not really automated enough to be convenient for staff drinks.

Caffia Coffee Group offers a range of both ‘workhorse’ and luxury espresso machines, grinders and barista training. All our commercial coffee machines can be seen on our website here.

Contact us to discuss your needs or visit our Falkirk Coffee School Showroom and Head Office at:

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