We have a specialised focus and expertise in supply to railway and airline catering operators with all the on board logistics and retail challenges that come with this industry and also first class lounge coffee machines installation.

Caffia Coffee Group is a family run business with a flexible and helpful approach to providing the correct commercial coffee machines with either fresh milk or powdered milk to offer quick and easy flat white, caffe latte or cappuccino from fresh coffee beans and fresh milk at the touch of a button – this means bar car staff have an easy task and will sell more drinks!

We have a number of automatic industrial coffee machines of which one range in particular has proved very good, we also have exciting developments on track (so to speak) on a catering trolley development.

Talk to us about how we can help with your needs on +44 1324 617 618 or email us on [email protected] with some details of your challenges. If you are in the UK at some point we will look forward to welcoming you to our central London or Scotland coffee machine showrooms.

We also offer prime quality self-service coffee machines for passenger lounges to pamper your first or business class passengers or even for on-train vending use – these can be on free vend or can include a contactless payment coffee machine option; we even have coffee machines with till receipt printer that we are working on at present.

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