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Coffee Machines for Sites With Limited Space


Do you need a new coffee machine but have only limited space? Are you struggling because of low kitchen wall cupboards or with the difficulties and costs of a 3-phase electricity supply?

At Caffia Coffee Group, we have a range of compact espresso coffee machines that only need minimal space and have low power needs. Some of our capable and powerful automatic bean-to-cup coffee machines don’t even need plumbing!

To brew the most delicious coffees that’ll keep them coming back for more, you don’t always need the biggest and best machine on the market. These smaller machines offer a silky brew that proves once and for all that size doesn’t count. 

The Perfect Compact Coffee Machine For You

No matter your space or design preferences, there’s a top-quality brand and model to suit your decor energy and spatial needs. Below are some of our most popular machines designed for smaller spaces without compromising on taste. 

Gaggia Traditional Espresso Machine

A traditional espresso machine has a great deal to be said for it. From the theatrical hiss and clank of steaming foamy milk to their polished metal and rugged reliability, they deliver an unmatched experience.  

But the allure of a traditional espresso machine lies not just in the spectacle of coffee-making. The Gaggia range promises simple design yet robust performance. 

As well as great looks and theatrics while the barista does his coffee magic, the reliability is a given, because, at heart, these are simple beasts with little to go wrong. Plus, these machines are built to last, ensuring that your investment stands the test of time.

Esprezzi Ultra Compact Model

A great example of a coffee machine for limited space is the Esprezzi Ultra Compact 2 Group espresso machine. It needs only a three-pin 13a socket for power supply and has dimensions that can make it the perfect machine for a city sandwich bar, pub, coffee cart, or small restaurant.

This popular compact traditional coffee machine and coffee beans grinder package is the ideal solution for medium-capacity sites. The total package width of the espresso machine and waste drawer with coffee beans grinder is just 700mm. Further functions and features are shown below:

  • Polished chrome finish with graphite side panels and black Macap coffee grinder.
  • Two group heads and portafilter handles.
  • Two stainless steel steam arms for milk heating and foaming.
  • One hot water outlet for americanos and teas.
  • Lowered drip tray – clearance for large takeaway 12oz cups.
  • Six litre size copper steam boiler.
  • 2.7kW boiler element – 13a/3-pin socket.
  • Group heads with direct pre-infusion chambers.
  • Automatic backflush cleaning program.
  • Four programmable dose settings per group 

The Esprezzi Ultra Compact 2-group coffee machine is the same machine as the Expobar G10 Compact coffee machine or the Crem brand G10 and is manufactured in Spain as part of the Welbilt coffee machine and commercial catering equipment branded family.


The Compact Jura JX10 Coffee Machine

The Jura JX10 bean to cup coffee machine is similar to the popular Jura JX8 but has a larger 4.3-inch touch screen display, 5 litre water tank and a 1kg capacity coffee beans hopper.

These added features, plus the larger 2.5 litre Jura CoolControl milk chiller, give the Jura JX10 coffee machine package a daily output capacity of 80 cups. It only needs a three-pin socket and no plumbed water supply, making it ideal for sites with limited space.

The dimensions of the Jura JX10 are 37.3 × 52.4 × 46.1 cm (W × H × D). Please see the full details on this link.

Download the brochure on the Jura JX10 coffee machine here.

Jura JX10 Coffee Machine

The video below shows how to clean the milk system on the Jura JX10 coffee machine:

Traditional Machines Vs. Bean-To-Cup Coffee Equipment

While traditional coffee machines look wonderful, there is a manual element to them, which can be a drawback depending on how often you need to make coffee. It also means the consistency of brew quality can suffer if the barista is having a bad day.

A compact and powerful bean-to-cup coffee machine that uses fresh coffee beans and fresh milk means you just push a button and the flat white flows. This lowers the chance of burnt coffee and unhappy clients.

Caffia’s Commitment to Quality

At Caffia, we believe that every business, regardless of its size, deserves the best coffee. Our range of compact commercial coffee machines, curated with our 20 years of experience and knowledge, is a testament to this belief. 

But our commitment doesn’t end with the machine. With our selection of eight different ethically sourced and expertly roasted coffee blends, we ensure that every cup you serve is a decadent milky masterpiece. Unless you prefer your coffee black, that is. 

Visit our showroom in London or Falkirk today to see our range of compact coffee machines for limited space.

To contact us and arrange a viewing or tasting, please email us at: or call: 01324 617618



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