We offer a range of bean to cup coffee machine with under counter milk fridge models from Franke Coffee Systems like the Franke A600 and A800.

The great benefit of an industrial bean to cup coffee machine with under counter milk fridge is neat appearance, high capacity for fresh milk  and space saving for the client – you can see above a pair of robust Franke A800 FoamMaster bean to cup coffee machines that replaced a costly and unreliable Scannomat TopBrewer coffee machine to great effect in a central London site.

We also supply a wide range of espresso coffee beans for TopBrewers and other major brands of bean to cup coffee machines in London offices and throughout the UK.

Coffee Machines London Showroom

The touch screen on the Franke A800 FoamMaster coffee machine shows clear product images and can be configured to add messages, brands and images as you can see with Vensyn/Oktra Group here. Self-service operation lets the user choose their desired product themselves with touch and swipe actions; this is the king of self-service coffee machines – why not call in to see the similar Franke A600 machine at our central London coffee machine showroom at Gee Street, Clerkenwell?

Ease of cleaning is a prime Franke coffee machine feature in the A600 with full HACCP approved CleanMaster milk cleaning and an on-board milk cleaner fluid concentrate tank included. An LED lighting concept supports operator staff with functional alerts.

We offer coffee machine rental with the Franke A800 bean to cup coffee machine over a 3 year lease rental term to spread out the cost in an efficient manner and earn revenue as you go. We can also source other bean to cup coffee machines with fresh milk like the Gaggia Radiosa coffee machine.


A bean-to-cup coffee machine offers a very high quality of drink like flat white or latte machiatto / hot chocolate with fresh milk that is akin to a coffee shop standard and yet is very reasonable in cost – often just 10 to 15p compared to £2.50 or more in a café! Would you prefer your staff to stay at work and be more productive?

Well, this is another reason to consider a bean to cup coffee machine with under counter milk fridge from our range. Simply touch the screen for a delicious coffee to be dispensed into a china cup, mug or paper cup of your choice.

Why not call us on 0203 096 7233 or 01324 617618 to discuss purchase or lease-rental rates?

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