A coffee machine with telemetry gives the opportunity to view and interrogate your commercial coffee machines from an offsite location so that you can monitor sales and performance activity at your Jura, Franke or Necta coffee machine which we install with full staff training.

Further developments available now from Caffia Coffee Group gives you IoT (internet-of-things) so a coffee machine with internet of things  IoT built in gives full data network access to critical trading information to drive loyalty from retail customers and network your assets. Our coffee machine with receipt printer can also issue a QR code or printed barcode if desired so that clients can pay at the till.

A clear dashboard at a central location shows the coffee machines trading history and if regular cleanliness is being undertaken – these are just some of the areas that can be monitored for effective management and minimum downtime.

Coffee Machines With Telemetry

Coffee machine cleaning is very essential, especially in these times with the Covid-19 risk so prominent using technology that includes telemetry coffee machines and the internet of things reduces risk and is now becoming very affordable.

A broken down coffee machine generates really bad press and a lack of sales, using our accurate and up-to-date data via a secure web portal means the coffee machine can be interrogated to report faults and grade how serious the problem actually is so that a solution can be in hand quickly from the UK-wide engineer network.

Caffia Coffee Group are friendly and experienced coffee experts that have also pioneered coffee machines for co-working spaces, forecourts and retail stores with comprehensive contactless payment, telemetry and internet-of-things capabilities to upgrade and up-sell!

Coffee Machines With Telemetry

It’s no longer good enough to just pay for a great coffee machine and great coffee (maybe our biodegradable cups as well?) but you need a SYSTEM – a complete data communication and network solution to made suit your need with expert support.

Collect real-time data of daily trading patterns, find out exactly when the coffee machine is most in use and craft special offers to suit and then drive sales higher. Looking to boost loyalty with a coffee machine for retail shop which issues one free coffee per day per customer? No problem at all with our loyalty card scheme and technology that we have proved in trails.

For a comprehensive range of 8 strongly branded coffee beans please see here.

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