We supply a wide choice of coffee machine for golf club and leisure sites to help you increase sales; please call us on 01324 617618 to discuss the  benefits of coffee machines for golf clubs on the bar or as self-service for after hours for both members and to increase profits – what could be better than a quick warming caffe latte or flat white on a cold day?!

From small club houses and golf links up to world-famous golf courses like the Kingsbarns Golf Links near St Andrews in Scotland, our range effortlessly covers all options for bean-to-cup coffee drinks machines, instant coffee machines with coin-operated vending facility and fresh filter coffee machines for conference and banqueting. You will always find that members and visitors enjoy a good coffee and the morale boost it brings them and we particularly appreciate the importance of high quality speciality coffee;

Caffia have a range of coffee machines to suit all environments that are available on simple 3 years lease rental deals, this makes them more affordable to golf clubs by spreading out the cost in a simple and easy quarterly payment to the finance company; speak to us today to discuss the ins and outs of coffee machine leasing.

Coffee Machines for Golf Clubs:

For smaller clubs a compact coffee machine will be ideal; these machines are easy to clean, and operate by simply pressing a button for your desired drink. To cater to different tastes and budgets we have a range of both instant and fresh bean-to-cup coffee machines, offering anywhere between 20 and 400 cups per day.

Instant coffee machines have the advantages of being quick and easy to use, whilst bean to cup offers the customer a fresh-brewed hot drink. Both models are able to produce a large range of drinks like cappuccino, flat white, caffe latte, mocha and hot chocolate.

Filter Coffee Machine For A Golf ClubCoffee Machines For Golf Clubs

Coffee Machine For Golf ClubCoffee Machine For Golf Club

For larger venues, leisure and health clubs, table-top machines with a high output of drinks per day are available. We provide high-output bean to cup machines like the Franke A400 FoamMaster or Jura Giga X8. These coffee machines have the capacity to produce 200-400 drinks a day, you can see a video of the mighty Franke A600 bean to cup coffee machine here:

Do You Have Conferences And Meetings At Your Golf Club?

We have a range of coffee equipment which we believe is ideal for meetings at golf clubs; commercial filter coffee brewers are the way to go as they are hard to beat for straightforward mild fresh filter coffee in bulk.

Brewing either into a glass jug or thermos flask, these machines can be plumbed in to mains water or hand-fill. We have a range of 8 different fresh filter coffees in portion sachets so they are perfectly consistent when you brew.

There is also a choice of water coolers and dispensers that can be fitted into your golf club, in order to provide quality chilled drinking water.

Our Coffees Range:

Caffia Coffee Group is a British success story in pragmatic, outward-looking coffee expertise embracing global taste styles and in-depth coffee and equipment knowledge in a progressive way that few others can lay claim to.

We’re a dynamic family-run business offering a range of commercial coffee machines, bean-to-cup systems and grinders for offices, boardrooms and businesses. Our super-modern roastery, strict quality control, research lab and training rooms are just the final stages in a long and fascinating journey bringing this marvel of nature from the tropics to your cup.

Caffia will create the ultimate coffee experience for you.

Talk to us or visit one of our showrooms:

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Specialist suppliers of coffee machine for golf club models throughout the UK with offices at Stafford, Gloucester, Hatfield, Manchester and Bodmin. Please see our full range on our corporate website here.

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