A coffee machine for coffee shop is a vital engine in your outlet and speciality coffees demand a premium price in high street, leisure, travel and across the whole hospitality industry. We specialise in advice, supply and installation of these coffee machines with 18 different models available so that the FAQ’s from coffee shop’s operators about their equipment list are answered and that you are confident and happy with your purchase and that it will deliver a profitable return for your cafe or snack bar in the shortest time.

Caffia Coffee Group provides UK-wide prompt delivery with comprehensive barista training, ask us for a price today and we will normally quote you in less than 2 hours! As part of our green credentials we generally email quotes to make a contribution to saving trees when printing off is not needed.

What Do These Coffee Machines Cost?

So what does a coffee machine for coffee shop price tend to be? In a nutshell the purchase prices of coffee machines like this are from £1350.00 + VAT to £12,000.00 + VAT but a typical 2 group espresso coffee machine for coffee shop package would cost £3500.00 complete with installation, staff training and water filter or else this would cost around £120.00 per month on a 3 year lease-rental deal. Leasing a coffee machine does cost more money overall than outright purchase but it spreads out the cost to help with cash flow and the payments are generally tax deductible as well.

A professional coffee machine for coffee shop of this type come in 2 main formats which are the more traditional 2 group or 3 group espresso coffee machines which are generally paired with an auto grinder like the Macap MXA or Fiorenzato F64 or the automatic bean–to-cup coffee shop coffee machine which offers you easy and consistent production of flat white, caffe latte and espresso at the touch of a button.

Traditional espresso machines offer a certain rugged grandeur with smart looks and robust build and simplicity that has little to go wrong; you can showcase in full your carefully acquired barista skills with one of these so that your coffee making flair can really be shown in its full colours.

Popular models of espresso coffee machines that we price up and supply include the Synchro, Cimbali and Esprezzi range which are paired with coffee grinders and knock-out drawers. Widely respected bean to cup machines that we supply include the Franke A600, Jura Giga X8 and La Cimbali S30 which are all heavy duty machines with varying capacities and in some cases have an option for hot chocolate or mocha drinks made at the touch of a button with fresh milk.

Automated Coffee Production

Bean to cup coffee machine for coffee shop models tend to take up less space and above all they offer effortless automatic operation with a more and more sophisticated range of beverages which can also include truly delicious hot chocolate made with fresh milk. Simply touch the button for the desired drink – which means they can even be used in self-service format for customer’s direct operation.

These types of coffee machines are popular and mean that you can generally relax about the consistency of the drink which is not subject to the same problems with staff being in a bad mood! Indeed you generally will find that staff can be more willing to up-sell a hot beverage by simply knowing that they won’t have to heat and foam the milk and clean up the steam wand etc.

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