We offer a range of several models of coffee machine for catering van which can be in the form of automatic bean-to-cup touch button coffee machines like the super efficient Jura JX8 which is hand-fill with its own 5 litre water tank with water filter and uses just half a watt of power on standby mode or a more traditional format of espresso coffee machine.

Coffee Machine For Catering Van

Are you looking for the best coffee machine for mobile van? At Caffia we supply a wide range of automatic coffee machines with low power consumption and offer a friendly and supportive service to assist and guide you.

The Esprezzi Ultra Plus 1 group espresso coffee machine is a compact yet rugged and powerful model that has an integral IberItal/Cunhill coffee grinder thus saving space and minimising the power needed by your back up generator.

Commercial Coffee Machines

Just a hint on this – some coffee machines with sensitive electronics are brittle with any rough running generators or variable frequency so check this carefully. We also offer the Fracino range of espresso traditional coffee machines with gas powered boilers where LPG is the best option.

Caffia Coffee Group also offer a range of more conventional 2 groups and 3 group espresso coffee machines, coffee grinders and larger models of superautomatic bean to cup machines like the Jura Giga X3 Generation 2 and the Franke A300 FoamMaster coffee machine.

Coffee machine for catering van

The Franke A300 coffee machine can have hot chocolate with fresh milk is available as well as mocha, flat white, espresso and caffe latte.

Our choice range of espresso roast coffee beans and filter coffees includes more than 15 types in all with Fairtrade and Organic options. Our range of point of sale material is ideal for mobile applications and catering as well to help you sell more coffees.

Talk to us on 01324 617618 about your best coffee machine for catering van requirements or look at our full selection here or at our London and Falkirk showrooms.

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