The Jura JX6 bean to cup is an ideal coffee machine for black coffee and espresso fresh from the coffee beans at the touch of a button. A compact and modern Swiss-made automatic coffee machine, the Jura JX6 is perfect for customers in offices and showrooms that only want to serve a great quality americano, espresso or doppio without the hassle of cleaning any milk pipes or hot chocolate canisters.

A Growing Trend

As a company we are receiving more calls for bean to cup coffee machine for black coffee only functionality for entrepreneurial start-ups and companies that have little time to deal with the cleaning side which can’t be escaped when you have the fresh milk foamer to make caffe latte, cappuccino and flat white.

With the Jura JX6 there is easy capability to re-program the drink strengths and temperature and the hand-fill 5 litre water tank has a good capacity meaning the machine does not need to be plumbed in to the mains water.

Compact, Powerful And No Milk To Clean Up

A great quality black coffee or americano can then have milk and sugar added and it is a very enjoyable treat in your office for you and clients alike!

This coffee machine for black coffee also has a Claris ProSmart water filter in the water tank to reduce limescale – the video below explains this.

Caffia Coffee Group is a family run business with coffee machine showrooms in London and Scotland, talk to us on 01324 617618 to discuss your needs further or watch the handy Jura JX6 coffee machine demonstration video from Jura below:


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