Did you know that the humble thermos flask was invented by someone from our very own Scotland and that the Thermos Company makes more than $200 million per year?

It all there in the new short video clip on the BBC website with Aaron Heslehurst on the ‘million dollar ideas’ business part of the website you can watch it and a number of other fascinating videos on all manner of products that ‘made it big’ here:


At Caffia Coffee Group we wholeheartedly agree that the vacuum thermos flask is a superb idea to keeps premium coffee hot, it removes the need for an external heat source which may stew your fresh coffee if it is left for any length of time.

It’s just a shame our fellow Scot forgot to patent the idea when he invented it which ironically was to try and keep liquid hydrogen cold rather than to keep something hot; Scots are great at innovations like this!

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