Instant Coffee Vending Machines

Instant Coffee Vending Machines

Instant coffee vending machines are favoured for offices and showrooms needing high speed dispense of drinks as they only need to mix powdered ingredients and dispense straight into the cup. A slim and powerful instant coffee vending machine like the Matrix Mini Magnum dispenser uses soluble (instant) ingredients to make a range of drinks at […]

Table Top Coffee Vending Machines

Our range of compact table top coffee vending machine models includes both bean-to-cup coffee vending machines and instant hot beverage dispensers so that fresh coffee in your office becomes a practical and easy option with the benefit of increased staff morale. The Necta Kalea Plus is a good example of a rugged Italian bean-to-cup automatic table top coffee […]

Table Top Bean To Cup Coffee Machines

Table Top Coffee Machine

Table top bean to cup coffee machines offer an ideal compact format for office or cafe; please call us on 0203 096 7233 to talk about table top bean to cup, filter coffee or coffee vending machines. Caffia Coffee Group is a dynamic family-run coffee business offering a range of prime coffees and commercial coffee […]

Table Top Coffee Vending Machine

Necta Krea Touch Coffee Machine

Suppliers of table top coffee vending machine models, call 0203 096 7233 to discuss your needs or visit our central London showroom of table top coffee vending machines. A number of our office coffee machines are excellently suited to easy selection of drinks as a compact format for offices, board rooms, car dealerships and golf clubs. We offer […]

Matrix Mini Magnum Coffee Machine

Matrix Mini Monarch Hot Chocolate Machine

The Matrix Mini Magnum coffee machine is a slimline and powerful dispenser using instant coffee granules, cappuccino topping milk powder and hot chocolate powder  to make a range of drinks like cappuccino, caffe latte, coffee and hot chocolate. It also has a hot water button that is very useful for tea, soup and other needs […]