Winter Warmers

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Orange Hot Chocolate Ingredients: Gracio Hot Chocolate orange syrup Milk Instructions Combine 1 scoop hot chocolate with a splash of hot water Add 2 pumps syrup then mix to a smooth paste Add steamed milk, stirring as you pour (optional, grate orange peel to top)     S’mores Hot Chocolate Ingredients: Gracio Hot Chocolate S’mores […]

Bonfire Seasonal Recipes

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Try one of our favourite bonfire recipes, you won’t regret it. Honeycomb Latte Ingredients Double espresso Honeycomb syrup Steamed milk, top with Caramel Sauce Instructions: Combine a double espresso with syrup in the cup Top up with steamed milk Toffee Nut Cappuccino Ingredients: Double espresso Toffee Nut syrup Foamed milk Instructions: Combine double espresso and 1 pump […]

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