Recyclable Paper Cups

Recyclable Paper Cups 1

Caffia Coffee Group’s new branded double-wall fully recyclable paper cups are remarkable products that can be put straight into the blue recycling wheelie bin without having a plastic liner that needs to be separated. This is a real breakthrough in eco-friendly coffee cups! For some years since speciality coffee became common in the UK and […]

Coffee Machines At Clerkenwell Design Week

Commercial Coffee Machines London 1

Caffia Coffee Group are pleased to be heading back to London in May 2022 for the world famous Clerkenwell Design Week in the area around our EC1 showroom. Returning to an ‘in-person’ event after a couple of years of Covid-19 lockdown will be an exciting opportunity to meet designers and suppliers and showcase our commercial […]

Jura Coffee Machine Brewing Processes Video

Jura Coffee Machine Video

An outstandingly high class global success story, Jura coffee machines are designed and manufactured in Switzerland and span both superb professional heavy-duty and domestic superautomatic bean-to-cup coffee machines. In this recent Jura video the innovative coffee brewing processes are explained graphically; all the way from roasted coffee beans to your delicious ristretto, of course the […]

Easy To Clean Professional Coffee Machines

CoffeeAPPeal App

You need your morning coffee fix from a high-quality coffee machine; a good selection of speciality coffees like flat white, caffe latte, espresso, or cappuccino and you want it: Consistent quality every time. Fast – say in 25 seconds. Good and hot. Made from coffee beans and fresh milk. But (truth be told) you can’t […]

Best Office Coffee Machines Post Lockdown

Office Coffee Machines

The Workplace Scene In 2022 Lockdowns and working from home now seem to be becoming history – a slowly receding memory that did have some compensations: more family time, and fewer emissions as we realised that Zoom can reduce travel and increase efficiency! However, we’ve yearned for some normality. Being able to get a colleague’s […]

Fresh Milk Coffee Machines vs Powdered Milk Coffee Machines

Coffee Machine For Car Dealership

In this article, we compare up-to-date coffee machines and ingredients, to give you guidance on bean-to-cup fresh milk or powdered milk coffee machines. A Bit Of Background As the standards of coffee served in cafes and hotels has increased in recent years, so has that within offices and businesses. The abundant availability of push button […]

Wholesale Coffee Beans

Wholesale Coffee Beans

We supply a wide range of wholesale coffee beans in 6 x 1 kilo freshness valve bag format for use in espresso coffee machines and automatic commercial bean to cup coffee machines. Wholesale coffee beans are important for caterers and offices who benefit from a better price and quick delivery of a range that includes Fairtrade […]

Caffia Coffee Group Exhibition Stand Design Revealed

Caffia Coffee Exhibition Stand

These have been significant years for Caffia Coffee Group as we gear up for catering, hospitality and foodservice exhibitions to project the quality Caffia coffee brand and showcase our commercial coffee equipment. Come and see us and our smart new exhibition stand at ScotHot – to be held at the SEC Centre, Glasgow or the […]

Gracio Hot Chocolate New Preparation Video

Have a look at our new Gracio Hot Chocolate preparation video for our high-cocoa content Gracio Gourmet product. Gracio Gourmet is a professional bar blend hot chocolate powder with 40% cocoa powder content.  

Clerkenwell Design Week

Coffee Machines London Showroom

One of the most acclaimed design festivals in the world will be held 24th-26th May in the area surrounding our London showroom at Gee Street, Clerkenwell when hundreds of designers come to area showrooms to catch up on the latest and greatest. We are delighted to be included! – see more at: Come along […]